We are working hard on making arrangements for our mid-October trip to Malindi, Kenya!

Here are some of the academic papers in peer-reviewed journals, and presentations at academic conferences, that have been made possible by the information and data we gather on our trips:

  • Jayawardena A, Kahue C, Netterville JL. Evaluation of a pre-surgical otologic screening tool: a pilot study in rural Kenya. Presented at the ENT World Congress, International Federation of Otorhinolaryngological Societies (IFOS), Paris, France, June 26, 2017. Associated video, Kenya Hear Me, awarded Best Video.
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  • Chambers KJ, Aswani J, Patel A, Fundakowski C, Mannion K, Lin DT, Netterville JL. The Value of a Collaborative Course for Advanced Head and Neck Surgery in East AfricaLaryngoscope. 2015 Apr; 125(4):883-7. Epub 2014 Nov 21.PMID: 25417971.
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  • Netterville JL, Invited Lecturer: "More than Medicine: Lessons learned from Medical Missions to Nigeria" Middle East Otolaryngology Meeting, Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 2009.
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