See how Mary kept her smile

Last year we treated Mary, a (then) three-year-old who had a cyst from birth. Her father, a waiter in a hotel, and her mother, a student, could not afford an operation elsewhere. Mary traveled an hour by a public bus with her aunt and grandmother to get surgery. 

The way this surgery would normally be done here would have left her with lifelong issues, but our team, in cooperation with the Kenyan doctor-trainees, were able to completely retain her facial expressions by carefully tracing and saving her facial nerves. We prevented the nerves that make her mouth water from invading her sweat glands, and kept her face symmetrical. We were excited to see Mary again this year for a follow-up visit.

Dr. Netterville said, "It's so wonderful to watch the joy in her eyes and the remarkable quality of her life with her loving mother. This is what these trips are all about."